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Please contact the Club Office for your hire needs on Tel 02 6361 4461.



We charge $85 per hour for this service. Hire spends over $2,500 include 2 hrs complimentary planning advice. 

A member of our events team will discuss your requirements by phone and provide advice and recommendations on how best to achieve your desired look and if requested we can come out to your venue for a site inspection.

Thanks to the extraordinary talents and creativity of the Millamolong Polo Club social committee, we are now the custodians of a host of fabulous furniture, soft furnishing and functional yet decorative items that we use to create the stylish polo events that everyone has come to love.

As raising much needed funds for charity is also a big part of what the Club does, and because everyone asks if they can loan our props to dress their sheds and gardens for parties and weddings, you can now hire these items at a fee. We are also happy to help you plan your event and give advice on layout and what selection of items would work best to ensure your event is a huge success, at an additional fee.

All proceeds from the hire of our equipment or engagement of our planning services go to the Millamolong Charity Fund, which supports a number of local and international charities, and towards the maintenance of our ground.

How to Order

To discuss your personal requirements and stock availability, please call 02 6361 4461 or 0467 676 562 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .









Giant Wrought Iron
Candle Chandeliers


One of our most popular items so book early to secure these as we only have two. Soft lighting makes a statement and these chandeliers are big enough for any shed, adding a much needed touch of glamour. Candles not provided.


$250 each or
$400 both





Corrugated Iron Bar Counters


Soooo much better than a dull trestle table for your bottles of bubbly and beer needs. Only two available.


$150 each







These are by far our most popular item and make any shed or garden look stylish and colourful. Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 bale sizes.




for 1 bale


18 x Plain Navy Blue
8 x Patterned Orange & Yellow
7 x Patterned Navy Blue


$15 each


for 2 bales


3 x Velvet Pattern Blue & Beige
8 x Plain Red


$20 each


for 3 bales


6 x Plain Bright Orange


$25 each


for 4 bales


9 x Beige & White
1 x White & Navy Blue
1 x Patterned Navy Blue


$30 each


for 8 bales


1 x Patterned Velvet Blue & Beige
1 x Union Jack Pattern
1 x Blue & White Stripe
1 x Patterned Soft Orange
1 x Patterned Navy Blue
1 x Plain Red


$60 each







50 x Assorted Colours & Patterns
Red, Hessian, Yellow, Orange, Navy & Green


$40 for ten




20 x Assorted Colours & Patterns
Blue, Navy, Black & White, Hessian & Blue Velvet


$45 for ten





Lamps (with lampshade)


2 x Large Assorted Colours


$30 each


Lampshades (for hanging)


4 x Small Assorted Colours


$25 each





White Linen Curtains (Includes Hanging Rods)


12 x Available


$84 for all


Velvet Charcoal Curtains (Great for Sheds)


5 x Available Covers - 30m length & 5m depth


$200 each


Black & White Strip Curtain (Covers a Marquee Wall)


1 x Available Covers - 30m length & 5m depth


$375 each





Wicker Chairs (Cosy with Assorted Cushions)


29 x Available


$12 each


Deck Chairs (For a more relaxed feel)


8 x Available


$80 each





Coffee Tables


39 x Small Square - Dark Brown


$10 each


Large Wooden Tables


2 x Large Wooden Square Coffee - Light Brown


$50 each





Polar Fleece Rugs


6 x Available - Navy Blue (Polar Fleece)
30 x Available - Plain Red (Polar Fleece)
12 x Available - Beige (Polar Fleece)


$15 for 5


Persian Floor Rugs


Something unexpected in a shed and creates a softer look.
7x Available 3m x 2m in dimension (Red)
6 x Available 3m x 2m in dimension (Navy)


$70 each





To complement Hay Bale Covers & for decoration


6 x Black Bolster


$40 each





Shade Tents for Outdoor Events


23 x Available 3m x 3m
2 x Double Tents 6m x 3m


$70 each
$100 each

Hire Terms & Conditions

Hiring of any items excludes a security deposit of $500 which is to be paid prior to the event. The deposit is fully refundable on return of the items hired. 10% is required as pre-payment to secure your booking and items. Millamolong Polo Club also requires a maintenance and cleaning charge. Items to be returned to Millamolong Polo Club are to be treated with care on transport and returned to the club in a reasonable manner. If the items hired are damaged your security deposit of $500 will not be refunded. MILLAMOLONG POLO CLUB IS A NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATION. All profits and proceeds from the club go towards our charity fund, which supports CARE Asutralia, Riding for the Disabled and many other National and International Charities.


Mac-Hire logoAs you can see the Millamolong Party Hire goods can add glamour and comfort to your event. For all your party hire needs (tents, tables, great chairs, dance floors etc) we recommend our friends at Mac-Hire, Orange who will help you with any of your function needs. The team at Mac-Hire will make your event easy to organize and they have plenty of options for any budget!   Ph: 02 6362 5011 
Or go to their website for more details:


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