Today’s field includes some rising stars and some veteran ponies. Here are a few who play regularly at Millamolong:

Jamaica  Bred and owned by Joe Curran, Jamaica is a black mare who has played across NSW over five seasons.

Alyn Bred and owned by Joe Curran, Alyn is a 9-year old black mare who has played across NSW.

Twiggy Owned by Eugene Marais, Twiggy is a Millamolong-bred mare who won “Pony of the Year” at the Millamolong Carnival in 2011.

Barney A 10-year old bay gelding owned by Andrew Ashton, Barney is loved by everyone and a true veteran of the game.

Hee Haw Now 20-years old and another veteran of the game this bay mare, bred by James Ashton has competed in the highest goal polo in Australia. She had her first foal at 19 years of age called Harlequin who will hopefully follow in his mother’s footsteps.

Money Star Money Star is the daughter of the famous Monkey Royal who was one of Australia’s best known mares and a favourite of the 10 goal international players.

Spice Bred at Millamolong and owned by Andrew Ashton, Spice is a dark bay who will dominate the field and has played in Queensland high goal and across NSW.

Millimeter Bred at Millamolong, Millimeter is a tidy mare who will fly.

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