In the fashion stakes a day at the polo falls somewhere between a nice picnic with friends and a day at the races. Attire for country games tends to be a little more casual than in the city. At Millamolong, come dressed in what works best for you, but if frocking up is your thing we always love a bit of glamour!

For those who want to know a bit more… here’s some cheeky fashionista advice for the LADS…

Leave the loud scruffy beach gear and slogan t-shirts at home and opt for a smart casual look with a crisp linen or cotton shirt (checks or stripes are fine) or collared polo t-shirt, a dressy jumper slung over your shoulders and a pair of ‘going out’ jeans, chinos, moleskins or casual cotton trousers. If you own RM Williams boots or similar that would be your first choice of footwear, if not leather loafers or something suitably trendy – old runners and thongs are definitely out. And don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat (or better still a Millamolong Polo cap).

For the LADIES here are a few more tips to help your day be just that little bit more comfy…

Let’s start from the feet up so you get the maximum pleasure out of the experience. Remember you’ll be walking on grass so forget stilettos and opt for wedge heels, glam flats or long boots. A big part of the fun of the Polo is stomping the divots, which means you’ll be out on the field replacing the chunks of earth and grass thrown up by the horse’s hooves.

A good rule of thumb is if you’d wear your outfit to a nightclub or out on Saturday night it’s probably not right for the polo, especially in the country. As you’ll be out on a paddock and it can get a bit dusty and breezy, your little floaty number could turn out to be a big floaty headache. Also once the sun goes down it can get cool, so make sure you’ve thought about a pashmina or cardi (shivering the night away is never fun).

Being a country polo weekend we suggest you opt for a nice pair of jeans with a crisp shirt jazzed up with fabulous accessories and the essential pair of sunnies. Keep your head gear for sun protection, so nothing feathery or formal and avoid too much glitz (you don’t want to distract the ponies).

A yummy leather bag roomy enough for sunscreen and a wrap is the perfect hold all.

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