How an Orthodontist Can Help You

The main reason we visit the orthodontist is to have a perfect smile but there are so many other things that an orthodontist can do. In addition to improving the appearance of teeth, orthodontists specialise in correcting bite issues and alignment issues related to jaw and teeth.

The comfort and quality of life of the patient are considered by Richmond Dentists when somebody comes in for a consultation. If you are wondering about the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist, orthodontists have additional training specialising in the treatment of teeth and jaws that have issues with proper alignment. You will suffer problems with chewing, speaking and have headaches as well when there are bite issues. An orthodontist will be able to spot any teeth or jaw issues you have and make a plan of treatment to rectify any issues.  As explained above, people come to an orthodontist to have a better smile. This involves the straitening of teeth. An orthodontist will take into account the age of the patient and the extent of the problem when formulating a plan. There is a misconception that straightening teeth is something that cannot be done when you are an adult. But in actuality, orthodontists treat both adults and children and provide different alternatives to braces.

When a patient has a bad bite which could be an irregular bite or an overbite couple with a jaw that is not aligned properly, it can give rise to other dental issues as well. This can hamper the lifestyle of the person and it will be difficult for them to speak or eat properly. This condition can cause the wearing of the tooth enamel or the jaw muscles over time. There are different ways in which an overbite can be corrected and the level of complexity will be decided after the first consultation. If you are suffering from a bad bite or have crowded teeth, it can affect your overall wellbeing as well. This can give rise to tooth decay, aching of the jaw muscles, headaches, periodontal disease etc. Often, orthodontic problems cause headaches and other pain which can make your life very difficult. When you find it hard to chew as a result of orthodontic problems, it will be difficult for you to enjoy the experience of eating. This can affect the life of a person negatively.

There are different ways an overbite can manifest. An underbite occurs when the bottom teeth extend a little over the top teeth. A crossbite occurs when one or more upper teeth doesn’t come down in front of the bottom teeth. If there is a gap between the top and bottom teeth, it is called an open bite. For younger patients, one of the main reasons for visiting an orthodontist is to expand the palate. Palate expanders help to expand the roof of the mouth and prevent overcrowding of teeth. This will allow you to have permanently straight teeth and properly aligned teeth for your entire life. There is no worry that the effects will wear off as the results are permanent.

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