Elite Sports of The World

We have all grown up kicking a soccer ball to the goal or even mastering our jump shot for basketball but not everyone has had the privilege of being able to get involved in some of the most elite sports in the world. What exactly counts as an elite sport?

Obviously for starters it is one that involve a lot of money hence only a privileged few would have access to it. Other factors would include the equipment needed and another main factor is simply sometimes not everyone mixes in with the circle of people who do play these. All right now that we know what an elite sport is, what are they exactly?


This is so elite; it is even slightly difficult to pronounce. So, what is Equestrian? This is an obstacle course with running, steeping, chasing and vaulting only that you are on horseback and you have got to know what you are doing. 

First off to play this sport you need to own a horse which is a huge investment and a never-ending cost or you need to know someone who pays you to ride them like a pro, while it is not completely impossible to do the latter it is a bit of a task. While many would enjoy the chance to bond with a stallion it is sport that is so far left for an elite, privileged few.


If you have a boat you can sail, so yes again not completely impossible. But to take part in boating competitions you do need a special type of boat that is continuously maintained. It is once again a huge investment and we are talking about six figures in US$, so yes not really an achievable figure for most people.

Sailing is also a seasonal sport so once you do cash in your million-dollar investment there is a good chance it will be docked in a harbor for most of the year and will still need to be continuously maintained.


Not everyone can take a swing as well as Tiger Woods can but it is still considerably a playable sport in comparison to some others. You will still need to invest in golfing gear and the works but once you have that there are plenty of places to go try out a few swings.

Look out for offers such as Mornington peninsula golf packages where you are allowed to drive up and get some quality golf practice time. It is highly recommended sport to try out at least once so if you have the chances take it.

Formula 1 racing

Honestly this is probably the most elite sport out there and it is very much the envy of everyone. There are only a few things cooler than being able to drive a Formula 1. Unlike the rest of the sports racing F1 is not for the privileged it is for the very best out of the best. Money cannot buy the skill of racing one of these beauties and is reserved for the daring, skilled, highly trained adrenaline junkies.

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