Tips for Hiring Male Entertainment for Your Hen’s Party

You can take the celebration to the next level when you add male entertainment to a hens party. You can have so many entertainment options whether it is a sultry strip tease, strip club performance, comedic performance etc.

There are a few considerations

When it comes to hiring male strippers and waiters. You need to consider the preferences and comfort level of the bride. Some will love the idea while others will refer a celebration that is low-key. Once you have an open conversation with the bride and they are okay with the entertainment, you can then start planning the process. You can research the entertainment options available such as looking into strippers, exotic dancers, magicians, comedians, acrobats etc. Think about the theme for the party and the preferences of the guests as well. You can then select entertainment based on this. You can check for reputed performers and agencies that have a good track record when it comes to delivering high quality performances. It is best to book in advance as entertainment is high in demand in peak wedding season. You can then be sure that the performers of your choice are available on the particular date and time.

You can start researching options in your local area.

You can contact agencies and performers to check their availability and to see what their requirements are. You can also discuss details about the performance, logistics and whether there are any special requests. It is very important that you communicate your preferences and expectations clearly so that the performers understand the vision of the party. Some of the things you need to discuss are the duration for the performance, type of performance and whether you have special requests or if there is a special theme. If you can provide the performers with all relevant information, they can tailor their act so that it suits the occasion. Ensuring clear communication will put everyone on the same page and there will not be any confusion of what is required of the performer. You have to prioritise the boundaries and comfort of the bride-to-be, guests and the performer. The performer should be notified on what you expect from their act. There have to be ground rules when it comes to boundaries, physical contact and appropriate behaviour. It is also your responsibility to makes sure that the bride-to-be and the guests understand the boundaries of the performer.

Make sure to encourage your guests

If they have any concerns or if they are uncomfortable during the performance. The occasion is for everyone to have fun. A fun and festive atmosphere can be created by having the space decorated with themed d├ęcor, lighting and you can have music to enhance the mood. Check with the performer about the audio visual requirements for the venue. You can also invite the guests to dress up in themed attires or costumes. This can be a great photo opportunity as well. There have to be sufficient refreshments and snacks so that everyone is energised and hydrated throughout the party.