Start Your New Fitness Studio with These Items

If starting your own fitness studio is the dream you always had, then you should definitely give it a try. But starting something like that always needs planning – from budgeting to renting a place.  Another important step you need to complete is buying the necessary equipment for your gym.

Although there are many kinds of gym equipment, when you are just starting and working with a limited budget, you will have to focus on a few most equipment. Take a look at the list below to see what the most essential items you need to focus first are.

Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells come in different sizes, shapes as well as materials. Therefore, you will have a multitude of choices to choose from. When purchasing make sure to buy sets from light weight to heavy weight.  Different people who come to your gym are in different fitness levels and therefore you need to prepare to accommodate all of their fitness needs.

Barbell Sets

Just like dumbbells these too come in various sizes. They also depend on how you use them in the gym. You have the options such as the Olympic rack, squat rack and bench press rack. If you can include it in the budget, you can also opt for removable plates. Check out the average price of the equipment you plan on buying to see if you can afford them. However, you will need a rack definitely for storage.

Training Bench

This is an adjustable platform that is used in fitness studios for weight training activities. When you are looking for benches, look for the ones that can be easily adjustable. A good training bench should allow you to adjust it to fit different training needs of the trainees. Therefore, the backrest should be adjustable from an incline to a flat position.


You will need some kind of cardio equipment in your studio. When you start your place, you will get clients/ trainees of various fitness levels, needs and restrictions. Walking is an activity that can be done by most of them, regardless of those limitations for physical activities. And this is exactly the help that a treadmill can provide. A treadmill can also be used for jogging and interval training. As your studio progresses, you can even try looking for different types of treadmills.

Plate Loaded Machines

These are machines that provide a supportive structure and control the range of movement. As a result, they have the ability to reduce the risk of getting an injuryyou can easily look for wholesale plate loaded machines to get them at an even better price.

If you need to train someone from the beginning, if you worry about someone’s bad posture with other gym equipment, then the plate loaded machine with the controlled movements and resistance will definitely help you design good training activities for them.


In addition to the equipment, there are also a couple of accessories that you need to get. These include equipment such as a fitness ball, rollout wheels for abs, wooden bar for upper body stretching, and rehabilitation and resistance exercises equipment like bands and tubes. While not everyone comes to a fitness studio to use these as much as the treadmill or the weights, it is always better to keep them.

While your initial purchases need to be limited to fit within your affordable budget, it is also necessary to accommodate the fitness and health needs of everyone who comes to you to train. Therefore, when you are making the list of equipment consider a range of exercises and other physical activities.

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