10 Fun Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

Christmas is right around the corner and your kid has no doubt whipped up a list of their most wanted toys. However, while getting them what they want is indeed necessary, you could also get them some interesting toys in addition to provide them with a sense of more activities in their day to day lives.

Kids now are so invested in the technological world they they’re going to miss out on the childhood fun. And as adults our self, we know the importance of having a fun childhood! Here are a fun bunch of ideas for a perfect Christmas gift for your kids.

Keyboard Play Mat

Did you know that many keyboard play mats often came with the sound of eight instruments in it? This includes a guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin, banjo and a xylophone. With so many fun sounds to play with, your kid is going to be ecstatic to hop around each key during play time!

A Trampoline

Who doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline? You can never go wrong in adding a trampoline to your backyard. Spring trampolines are not only a safer option, but also a worthy investment! Your kid can gain a bit of fun physical outdoor activities by playing on the trampoline.

Fun Puzzles

From puzzles of a beautiful scenery to maybe even their favourite cartoon characters, puzzles are a great form of brain activity for the little kids! Alongside being a fun task to do, solving puzzles can help you kid gain problem-solving skills as well as memory skills. The accomplishment in solving a puzzle is always worth the effort. 

A Doodle Tablet

If your kid is into sketching and doodling, then a doodle tablet is the way to go. This tablet protects your kid from the constant need to use an iPad or other means in order to write, sketch or doodle around in. Not to mention, a doodle tablet costs much lesser than an iPad and yet provides means of fun for your kid.

Colouring Books

Colouring books can keep your kid occupied for a longer period of time. It is a relaxing activity even for the little ones. Colouring helps to improve fine motor skills while also boosting focus and creativity. Requiring a good deal of focus, colouring books can be a great development activity.

Camping Play Set

Every little kid loves to go on an adventure! So why not bring the adventure to them? With a camping play set, your kid can set camp right in your backyard. Inviting some friend over can help them enjoy it better. If not in the backyard, they can even have it set up in the living room, so you’ll be able to supervise them with safety.

Fairy tale Classics

Bring out the fairy-tale classics that we grew up with! They’re wonderful stories that lead to creative imagination. Reading helps boost their speech and vocabulary too. They can also help your kid develop emotions and learn morals.

Let us know if you loved the options mentioned above!

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